Proficiency tests for environmental and water laboratories.

Autumn 2017

Registration deadline: August 22

Contact us if you have missed the registration date and would like to participate.


Ion Balance

Part A: Potable well-water
Part B: Humic recipient

Color (Hazen units), Color (absorbance), conductivity, pH, turbidity, alkalinity, Ca+Mg, hardness (dH), Ca, K, Mg, Na, chloride, fluoride, sulfate, sum anions, sum cations, CODMn, TOC
  • Dispatch: September 4
  • Analysis: September 7
  • Reporting deadline: September 27

September 4, 2017 The samples are dispatched. Get your parcel-ID to trace your delivery.



BOD7, CODCr, CODMn, TOC, Na, Conductivity, pH, Alkalinity

Part A: Municipal wastewater, treated

BOD7, CODCr, TOC, Na, Conductivity, pH, Alkalinity, Ntot, Ptot

Part B: Paper industry wastewater, treated


Part C: Paper industry wastewater

  • Dispatch: October 2
  • Analysis: October 5
  • Reporting deadline: October 25

Proficiency Tests 2017

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